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In The Name of Art — A quote worthy of being posted.

Style is the stuff you get wrong.” — Neil Gaiman.

Style is a double-edged sword, but you will have to make some fundamental choices to understand it integrally. Do you deny what comes before in the name of style or honor what comes before in the name of truth?

Neil Gaiman…

The Tao of Living Your Best Apocalypse

Felix RenaudCovid Skateboarding Series

For many, happiness is an empty cup; for others, the cup is the treasure, and for a few, they drink straight from the limitless fountain of life.

My son Jessy is a professional skateboarder who lives on the edge of life (image caption.) At the beginning of the pandemic, he…

2020 Taught Me That Being “Zen” is a Privilege.

Thrissur Chavakkad

A lesson learned in spiritual bypassing.

The last year of my forty’s potentially announced itself as the height of my life’s work. I was unstoppable, in control, and “zen.” In Kerala, India, I sat at the edge of the Arabian Sea in a daze. …

Growing Pains — A Metaphor For A Transcending Life.

Photography Janel Blanco-Jean-Bart

It’s painful to grow up, but your body adapts. It stretches the bones until you are fit to “work.”

We are all guilty; we are all participants, we all have “work” to do… no one is excluded. NO ONE.

Grow up

Wake up

Clean up

Show up, said Ken Wilber.

Natasha Jean-Bart

Dancer. Educator. Mother of 4. Grandmother of 4 — Eternal seeker & Lover of Words.

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